Open Elon's Stocks

At the forefront of artificial technology, many investors wonder how to buy OpenAI stock or ChatGPT stock. Is OpenAI a public company? Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to buy Open AI stock because the company is a privately held research institution. While you cannot search an OpenAI stock ticker, you can make an AI stock buy and gain exposure to the company by investing in stocks and ETFs associated with OpenAI.
SolarCity Corporation
$327.40 -0.31%
X.AI Corp Inc
$296.73 -0.42%
PayPal Holdings Inc
$58.54 0.46%
Neuralink Corporation
$454.69 0.4%
Zip2 Corp
$105.20 -0.68%
Tesla Inc
$182.50 0.97%
The Boring Company
$34.11 -0.58%
Starlink Inc
$184.11 -0.01%
Space Exploration Technologies
$167.33 -1.97%
T-Mobile US Inc
$165.90 0%
OpenAI Inc
$134.78 -0.1%
Twitter, Inc
$430.73 0.17%
SpaceX ~ Roughly 44%
The race to space exploration has been heating up, with Elon Musk's SpaceX making significant strides in the sector. The private company is valued at approximately $150 billion after a recent share sale by investors. Musk is speculated to own roughly 44% of the company.

Tesla ~ 13.04%
As Tesla's largest shareholder with a 13.04% stake, Musk can have a strong influence over the direction of the share price. The stock fell in value in November 2021 after Musk sold 10% of his holding following a Twitter poll in which he asked whether he should sell some of his shares to pay taxes.

Twitter ~ 9.6%
Musk's $33.5bn equity investment includes his $9.6% ownership in Twitter, which is worth around $4bn, as well as the $7.1bn he got from equity investors